Volunteer Update

Dear Volunteer Family,

Another week has passed, and I don’t know about you but I am on my fourth pan of brownies of the week. Just about everyone as VIPA enjoys baking, and I hope you are all taking some time to perfect your favorite cookies, or in my case the best brownies!

What are you making special this week?


Sterling Jasa-Phillips

Volunteer Program Updates!

This week, I carved away a lot of time to work on the re-vamping the volunteer program! This program is so important to me and it is such a special way to connect with our community. Here is what is new:

  • Do you miss emails sometimes? Want to find an old volunteer email but just can’t find it? Don’t fret! All emails will be turned into blog posts and can be found on the newly updated Current Volunteer section of the VIPA website. Press here to go directly there! Remember the password is vipa2019
  • There have been so many changes! So, a new volunteer handbook with interactive table of contents has been created. To use the table of contents download the handbook in the Resources section of the Current Volunteer area of the website.
  • You will now find new training videos, resources and much more in the current volunteer section of the website.

Theatre Word of the Week

The Fourth Wall

1. An invisible dividing “wall” between the stage and audience.

VIP Artspiration

Taken on a trail at Waterlefe. One of my favorite trails, which catches the early morning light creating a beautiful ambiance with the Cypress trees.

– Reno Manne

There are places in the world that just take your breath away.

After a 3 hour hike up the second tallest mountain in Guam, we came upon a point that you could see the whole island for everything that it was.

– Sterling Jasa-Phillips

A Challenge Awaits

Now more than ever we need your help! Due to cancellations and postponements surrounding COVID-19, The Venice Institute for Performing Arts has suffered an estimated loss of over $250,000. We need your help to support our students and continue these highly effective educational programs! Become a fundraiser! During the Giving Challenge on April 28th and 29th you can support VIPA by sharing our mission and programs with the community through your personalized fundraising page.

To support us:

  1. Visit VIPA’s giving challenge page at https://www.givingpartnerchallenge.org/organizations/venice-institute-for-performing-arts-center-management-inc
  2. Select “fundraise” near the top of the page and fill out the form to create your fundraising page.
  3. Share with your community and raise funds!

VIP Arts Co-Worker Corner