Volunteer Update

Dear Volunteer Family,

An exciting time is upon us: Spring. For the first time in 30-days, rain poured down, washing away what felt like a decade-long month. We made it through “winter” and through a hectic March, and now we are rolling into April.

Is your favorite season Spring?

I am from Rochester, NY and my two favorite seasons were Spring and Autumn. Spring brought in a warmth and feeling of new life and Autumn gave a light onto how a conclusion can become a new beginning.

Anyways, this week, we have some great additions to our weekly newsletter. I hope you all enjoy!

Please feel free to send in some suggestions for next week!


Sterling Jasa-Phillips

Theatre Word of the Week


1. To illuminate the stage with two crossing beams of light.

A Challenge Awaits…

Now more than ever we need your help! Due to cancellations and postponements surrounding COVID-19, The Venice Institute for Performing Arts has suffered an estimated loss of over $250,000. We need your help to support our students and continue these highly effective educational programs! Become a fundraiser! During the Giving Challenge on April 28th and 29th you can support VIPA by sharing our mission and programs with the community through your personalized fundraising page.

To support us:

  1. Visit VIPA’s giving challenge page at https://www.givingpartnerchallenge.org/organizations/venice-institute-for-performing-arts-center-management-inc Select “fundraise” near the top of the page and fill out the form to create your fundraising page.
  2. Share with your community and raise funds!

VIP Artspiration

Taken on a trail at Waterlefe. One of my favorite trails, which catches the early morning light creating a beautiful ambiance with the Cypress trees.

– Reno Manne

Everyone loves monkeys.

I was able to capture her portrait when Angelo and I were traveling through Langkawi, Malaysia. It was fascinating to me that in Malaysia it was as normal to see primates as it is to see squirrels here.

I hope you enjoy seeing this little lady as much as I did.

– Sterling Jasa-Phillips

VIP Arts Competition

Win a $100 gift card!

Stuck at home and looking for a creative and fun activity?

Use the materials around your house to recreate one of these iconic paintings, or a painting of your choice, and you could win a $100 gift card to a future VIPA show!

How to enter:

  1. Pick a painting you want to recreate, and use materials around your house to dress like the people in the painting and create as similar of a background as you can.
  2.  Post a picture of your creation in the comments of this post.
  3. Share your creation in your stories or on your feed and tag @VIP_Arts_

Winner will be announced on April 8th.

Good Luck!

VIP Arts Co-Worker Corner