Volunteer Update

Dear Volunteer Family,

This is our fourth weekly Volunteer Email. I am a swirl of mixed emotions as I write to you this week. It feel like a lifetime since we were all together at the VPAC. Just this morning the VIPA team was talking about our new normal and how it can be unsettling to begin to feel like this could be our new normal.

However, I believe my cats are enjoying the non-stop attention. As I write to you, Peaches is sitting upon my lap rolling his eyes at me because I am typing rather than petting him.

This week I started to rekindle my relationship with painting. I have been wanting to learn (re-learn?) how to use watercolor paints and even purchased all of the necessary materials to start several months ago, and here we are with some extra time on our hands.

Have any of you started a new hobby?


Sterling Jasa-Phillips

P.S. – By the end of this letter, Peaches decided the movement of typing was too much and left to better places (AKA his bed).

Theatre Word of the Week


the theory and practice of dramatic composition.
“studies of Shakespeare’s dramaturgy”

VIP Artspiration

I visited the Wired to Wear exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago in November and was inspired by the blending of technology and fashion to make a difference in the world in which we live.  How cool to have clothes that can help the blind see where they are going

– Becca Eldredge

This is my very first watercolor painting since I was in college. I am very excited to explore this art form again, this time on my own schedule.

– Sterling Jasa-Phillips

VIP Arts Co-Worker Corner