Volunteer Update

Dear Volunteer Family,

This week we are celebrating a hugely successful Giving Challenge. We couldn’t have done it without our community, especially the amazing volunteer community that we have created together!

The world has definitely changed since the last time we all saw one another, and to see so many of our community come together to support VIPA was extraordinarily inspiring. I personally cannot thank you all enough for your endless support.

Here at VIPA (well, in our home offices) we are working diligently to bring back the shows we have all come to love. We have some enormous challenges to overcome, but we want you know that we are going to be ready when the time comes to open our doors, and welcome our community back to one of their Arts Destinations.


Sterling Jasa-Phillips

Theatre Word of the Week

House Manager

is a Front of House (FOH) supervisor that is responsible for the smooth and efficient operation of the house and lobby.

VIP Artspiration

This is another of many images taken on our Honeymoon this past December/January. These extraordinary orchids have transparent flowers. I found these one super fascinating, and can’t wait to find them again!

– Sterling Jasa-Phillips

VIP Arts Co-Worker Corner