Apprentice Spotlight


This past Saturday, on January 6th, apprentice Aaron Spencer worked with the Institute for the first time on a professional show. When asked his thoughts on working with professional singer Jim Stafford, Spencer wrote, “I was showing people the star of the show,” and talked about how much he enjoyed his experience working with the spotlight and technical crew. He is excited to work future events, and to continue his training as an apprentice with the Institute.

“Aaron is one of our youngest apprentices. We were shocked by Aaron’s professionalism with the spot, he had never been on this particular piece of equipment,” says Assistant Producer and Production Manager Sterling Phillips. “Aaron’s enthusiasm gave our whole team a kind reminder about our mission, and why we are proud to be here. I am excited to see what more he will be able to accomplish in our program, and look forward to seeing him hone his skills on the spot.”

The apprentice program at VIPA has been and continues to be a success due to the students partaking, along with the support from the Institute’s staff and volunteers. Every apprentice trains on different apparatuses (lighting, sound, stage management, box office) and work toward post-secondary careers in the performing arts, all while being full-time students. To watch their hard work and growth is truly inspiring, and as Phillips states, “My greatest pride is to see one of our students excel at something, and so quickly. This is VIPA’s goal: to not only train and teach but to offer them new skills they may have never thought of trying or even know existed.”