5 Reasons to Support the Performing Arts in Your Community

5 Reasons to Support the Performing Arts in Your Community

  1. This is your venue : The VPAC was built with the intent to make Venice a place for recreation and the arts year-round. With fiveresident performing arts organizations (PAOs) there is something for everyone.
  • The Venice Chorale: Formed in March of 2002 as Exsultate!, the Venice Chorale concert choir began with over 60 auditioned singers and has grown to twice the size over the past few years under the direction of Steve Johns. Since then, the program has expanded beyond the concert choir to include the chamber and youth choirs as well as an apprentice program, and has become the resident chorale of the VPAC.
  • The Venice Concert Band: As a 501(c)3 not-for-profitorganization comprised of both amateur and professional musicians, the Band enjoys excellent community support as evidenced by the large audiences and extensive press coverage, as well as sponsorship from the City of Venice. The Band made the VPAC its new home during the building’s inaugural 2014 season.
  • Venice High School : Promoting student achievement, self-accountability, community interest, and a global perspective to ensure all students are prepared to work and live in the 21st Century. The school has 47 differently clubs and organizations for its students to participate in, including theater productions, band, orchestra, and choir, with additional courses for keyboard and guitar lessons.
  • The Venice Symphony: Incorporated in November 1974 under the leadership of Hartley Haines, the director of music in the public schools, the orchestra originally played three concerts in the Venice High School auditorium. In 1990, the Symphony moved its concerts to the Church of the Nazarene in Venice, but after 24 years, the Symphony returned to its original home in the newly established performing arts center at Venice High School.
  • The Venice Institute for Performing Arts : As management company for the VPAC, the Institute’s mission is to sustain the local arts community through educational programs while inspiring residents with first-class entertainment.

The Venice Performing Arts Center and all of its organizations work together to create entertainment and opportunities for local residents as well as nation-wide. The community, employees, and volunteers for these programs are what make this a space where the arts are supported and maintained in all of its many unique forms.

2. Impact the local economy : Put Venice on the map and make it a true destination for the arts! A recent study reported by the Venice Gondolier Sun shows that the arts in our community provide a $2 million economic impact. From providing jobs, to staging professional productions and performances, to supporting our local shops and restaurants, you make Venice and its surrounding areas a community we can all be proud of.

3. Invest in students’ futures: Ignite creativity and innovation in our students. Your support allows our students to look toward the future. Between the five PAOs that utilize the theatre, there are 11educational programs for student and adult alike!

4. Unify our community : The VPAC is a place where we can all come together as a community, no matter our differences. Your support brings us together!

5. Sustain the VPAC : Help us keep the performing arts in Venice! Without your generosity and support, programming at our theater will cease to exist. YOU make it all possible!

The Venice Chorale, Venice Concert Band, Venice Symphony, and the Venice Institute for Performing Arts will all be participating in the 2018 Giving Challenge! If you would like to help sustain the VPAC and its performing arts organizations, or help expand any of its 11 educational programs, visit www.GivingPartnerChallenge.org at noon on May 1st! Support the arts with your 1:1 matched donation up to $100, thanks to the Community Foundation of Sarasota and the Patterson Foundation.