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FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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In an effort to provide a more safe and secure environment in which to enjoy performances, please be aware that all persons entering the venue and their belongings are subject to search, including bag checks and wanding. Weapons are prohibited, including but not limited to concealed weapons, firearms, handguns, knives of any size, explosives, pepper spray and mace containers. The doors are open 60 minutes before show time. Please plan to arrive early to avoid the security line.The less you are carrying, the easier it will be to pass through security.


The Venice Performing Arts Center is located on the Venice High School Campus. Persuant to Florida Law Section 790.06-12(a)10 conceal carry licenses prohibit carrying firearms into any elementary or secondary school facility.


Can I get a refund on my tickets if I can’t come?

All sales are final. There are no refunds or exchanges. However, if you cannot attend a performance, and cannot find a friend to use your tickets, you may receive a gift card for the ticket purchase price.

Are there additional service charges or handling fees in addition to the price of my tickets?

All tickets are subject to a 3.5% credit card fee. Additional fees apply when purchasing tickets on the website.

Is it legal to re-sell tickets?   
While it is legal in many states, it is ILLEGAL in Florida (F.S.817.36) to sell a ticket for more than $1 over the original price if originally issued by a not-for-profit like THE VENICE INSTITUTE FOR PERFORMING ARTS.If it is illegal, why are there so many tickets on StubHub and other sites?

Counsel for StubHub acknowledges that while the practice may be illegal, since StubHub only provides the “market stall”, they are not responsible for any illegal transactions of the independent sellers who use their site.

I thought I did purchase from the venue’s website?   

Unless you go to veniceperformingartscenter.com you are purchasing from a third party.   They go to great pains to appear as the venue to appear credible and increase your comfort level.  If you search for “Venice Performing Arts Center tickets”, usually the first sites that appear are paid advertised sites (it will be discretely noted as “Paid”, “Ad”, etc.)   Usually the official venue site will appear first beneath the advertised sites.

How do scalpers/brokers get tickets?  

They buy them like everyone else, often under false names.   They drive supply down and prices up.  BEWARE: They often don’t have the tickets they are advertising – they buy them AFTER you place your order, meaning you could have bought them yourself directly from the venue for less.

What are the risks buying on the secondary market? 

  • First and foremost, you are not guaranteed admittance.
  • Tickets may have been reported lost or stolen and therefore voided.
  • Tickets may have been re-issued – there may be more than one set floating around.  If they aren’t purchased from the venue under your name, you have no claim.
  • Tickets may be purchased for a wheelchair space held by law for those with disabilities and cannot be honored for someone without a wheelchair.
  • You will often pay far more than if you purchase from the venue.  Many scalped tickets are NOT for sold out shows – often better and cheaper seats remain available at the venue ticket office.
  • Scalpers/brokers often advertise tickets that they do not actually have.
  • Scalpers/brokers often mislead buyers in the location of their seats.
  • Many artists are taking steps to prevent scalping including verifying the person who purchased the ticket is the one coming in the door.

How do I increase my chances of getting better seats directly from the venue?  

  • Purchase directly from the venue as early as possible.
  • Join our mailing list so that we can let you know early about new shows going on sale.

What ticket vendor does the theatre use?

The VPAC box office uses Vendini ticketing system for all box office sales. Some shows, however, choose to use their own ticketing system.

How do I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased from our website, Veniceperformingartscenter.com at all times. You can also call our box office at 941.218.3779 or visit us at 1 Indian Ave, inside the VPAC lobby.

What are the Box Office Hours?

Box office hours are Monday through Saturday, 10AM-2PM and 1 hour before every performance.

Can I request tickets for a charity fundraiser or auction?

The Venice Institute for Performing Arts is thrilled to support the fundraising efforts of other charities and nonprofit organizations.  Please send any ticket donation requests, with a copy of your 501(c)(3) letter, to becca.eldredge@vipam.org

What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash, check, Mastercard, VISA, Discover, American Express are all accepted at the VPAC box office.

Can I reserve tickets in advance without payment?

Tickets cannot be reserved or purchased in advance without payment.

Can I go into the theatre and check out the seats before I buy?

No, but there is a seating chart available on the web site and at the Box Office.

Why does the theatre need my contact information when I buy a ticket?

Name, address, phone and email is required of all ticket purchasers in case of a problem with your order, or in case a show is cancelled or postponed. Patrons are automatically entered into the VIPAM mailing list and email list.. An opt-out option is offered, and all information is confidential. The Venice Institute for Performing Arts does not ever sell, rent, trade or otherwise allow other entities access to its mailing list and email list.

Are there any “obstructed view” seats in the Venice Performing Arts Center?

There are no obstructed view seats at the VPAC.


Who owns the Venice Performing Arts Center?

The Venice Performing Arts Center is owned by the Sarasota County School Board and managed by the Venice Institute for Performing Arts.

How many seats does the theatre have?

The Venice Performing Arts Center seats 1,090 people.

When did the theatre first open?

VPAC’s Grand Opening was November 6th, 2014.

What is the Venice Institute for Performing Arts Mission?

The Venice Institute for Performing Arts was formed to support the vibrant community that appreciates the arts at the Venice Performing Arts Center, and the Venice High School Performing Arts Department. We produce high quality programs and performances, collaborate with other performing arts organizations, and managing the day to day operations of the VPAC.

Is there an elevator?

Yes. The elevator is on the right side of the lobby.

Is the VPAC wheelchair accessible?

Yes. There are dedicated wheelchair accessible positions through out the theatre. When you purchase your tickets, be sure to tell whomever you speak with that someone in your party needs a wheelchair accessible seat.

Where are the bathrooms?

Both men’s and women’s restrooms are located on the left hand side of the lobby, on the main level and the balcony level. There is a family restroom located next to the woman’s restroom on the main floor.

What do I do when the person next to me is bothering me?

If the person sitting next to you is bothering you for any reason, please report it to an usher or a member of the theatre’s security. Ask to speak to the House Manager. If necessary, we will intercede on your behalf, or move you to another seating location. We have a zero tolerance, one warning policy for disruptive behavior.

What door do I enter to find my seat?

The orchestra level seating is rows A-S, and the balcony is rows T-Z.

All even seats, 2-40 and seats 101-110 enter through the right side of the lobby. All odd seats, 1-41 and seats 111-123 enter through the left side of the lobby.

Do you have a bar?

No. The Venice Performing Arts Center in located on Sarasota School Board property. No alcohol is allowed on the premises.

Do you serve food?

Several Venice Cub Scout packs and Venture Scout troops have come together to sell concessions in the VPAC lobby.

Can I bring my drink and snack to my seat?

No. All concessions must be consumed before entering the Auditorium.

Is there smoking?

No. The Venice Performing Arts Center in located on Sarasota School Board property. No smoking, or vaping, is allowed anywhere on campus.

How do I check the lost and found?

During a performance, you can ask for the House Manager. After a performance, please call our box office at 941.218.3779

What do I do in the event of a fire or other emergency?

First, please stay calm. Our ushers and staff are trained to facility quick action if there is an emergency. Please walk to the nearest exit, where an usher will direct you which way to go.

Do you have an age limit?

Most of our shows have a recommended age of 5 years or older. For our family friendly shows, there is no age limit.

Are photography, audio recording and video recording allowed?

The use of flash photography, or video recording with any type of light, is always prohibited. Non- Flash photography is subject to the discretion of each individual performance.

Where can I park?

The VPAC has a parking lot directly in front of the building. If you are coming to a sold out show, please note that the parking lot does get full. We do have additional parking at the back of the building, and in the student parking lot on the other side of the Venice High School campus.

Can I rent out the theatre?

The Venice Performing Arts Center is available for rent. Please email becca.eldredge@vipam.org with information about your show.

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